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Big Guns & Ammo Can Mega Trucks


Ammo Can, and Big Guns
Both run 540 cid motors both blown and injected
FTI Genesis Trans
Big guns runs 5 ton axles with Gearhart components
Ammo Can runs 2 1/2 ton axles big guns runs 28 l tires

Todd Larson

I am 43 years old and my son also runs trucks with me he runs The Executioner truck and the Rippit truck we do as many small Boggs as we do large scale events.

We are based out of Oelwein Iowa, we don't build trucks for anyone else just ourselves we love muddying in general and the people that's why we built the horsepower village so everyone would have a centralized location to party at night after a long day of muding.

We love high horsepower mud trucks it's a quick way to get an adrenaline fix!!!! You could say were adrenaline junkies!!! Our motto is go big or go home and we try to live by that.

These guys even travel with their own bar - Horsepower Village




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