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Mud Slut Mega Truck


Mudslut is a 77 Ford F250 that I originally drove to school and it had 35s on it.
It has a 522 Stroker engine, 5 ton axles locked front and rear, 23.1x26 r2's, tube chassis that is galvanize dipped, full cage.
Custom wrap by Moonshine Camo. Me and my dad built this truck in our shop from nothing, we built the frame and all. I rolled it over in August at TGW in king knob 2014 into a pond, it was completely under water. With the help of friends it got an all new body, roll cage, everything electrical, engine was rebuilt, trany was rebuilt and we had it back out a little over a month later.

Scott Krznar

I'm from West Middlesex, Pa and I'm a diesel mechanic for a living.
Got an awesome fiancé named Allie who also has her own mega truck.
And I couldn't do the things I do without help from my friends.






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