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Michigan Mud Jam 2016 Ticket Giveaway Subscriber Contest

We at The Muddy News are having a Michigan Mud Jam YouTube Subscriber contest. To help promote Michigan Mud Jam 2016, as well as the local Michigan Mudding YouTube channels, in that area. (Channels From Michigan Only, that do or will post regu;arly)

Winner will get 2 passes to Michigan Mud Jam for 2016

Winner will be selected at random on Aug 01, 2016, and posted right here on this website.



1. You must subscribe or be subscribed to each of the 10 YouTube channels below.
2. You then post your YouTube user name to the Mud Jam Subscriber Contest post on FaceBook HERE.
3. If your not a YouTube subscriber, just go sign up, it's free and easy.
4. More than 1 family member can join in same household, just have to have your own YouTube.
5. You CAN be from any State or Province. Open to all.
6. Min 50 valid entries for a winner to be named.

EASY Steps

Be logged into your YouTube Channel
Then click these Subscriber Links to the YouTube pages below.
These links are the direct subscriber links, so you should not have to do anything else but click these.

A couple you may need to click subscribe, most will have a auto sub notification.

1 CarWarz
2 Mud Stamp Films
3 DuneTV
4 Extreme Mudding TV
5 Sand Troopers
6 Mud Madness Films
7 Buddy 713
8 cpbdwbrbrs
9 CarWarz Jeep Action
10 Anything With And Engine Media


AFTER This is done GO to The Muddy News Facebook page.
Find the Contest post, and post your YouTube user name.

We will contact the winner by Facebook, from there post, on Aug 01, 2016
After we verify that subscriptions were done. If not, we will proceed to another.

IF you don't win, go buy your tickets online .

Michigan Mud Jam 2016

Hale, MI

Aug 17 - 21, 2016



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