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Wheels A Churnin - Biggest Bog In The North

ATV & Sled Racing

Think skidoo’s are only for winter? Think again! This drag strip is set on grass and includes snowmobiles and all classes of ATV right up to super alcohol burning, mind blowing home brew mods. You’ll be shocked at the speeds these little mini-monsters can achieve and they can’t be missed…. you’ll hear them right across the entire motorsports park!

Mud Pits

Every year thousands of visitors young and old come to enjoy the fun by playing in the mud, the best way possible… ALL OUT. Our mud pit is very large with shallow and deep areas for everyone to play in. This is one of the most popular events for campers and it’s located conveniently close to the campsites and outhouses. Whether you want to stay clean from the shore or get right into it, the mud pit is always a weekend long spree of fun.

Mud Drags

Wheels a Churnin is part of the NAMRO mud racing circuit which brings some of the top mud racers in North America. You WILL be blown away at the speeds and sounds of these machines as they roar down the track! It’s an amazing experience for the whole family and one you’ll never forget! Come for the day, or come camp out for the weekend!

Wheel To Wheel

Our circle track events always attract a crowd, and understandably so. The competition is tense and the action is non stop as the track is used for various classes of vehicles from dune buggies to BAJA inspired trucks, to ATV’s and motocross bikes. Spectators get a wide and elevated view of the entire course directly across from the start/finish line. Great event for the whole family to come and see as these modified vehicles take to the air, spin out and sometimes even roll over.
4WD Challenge

This is an event to test your off road skills whether you have a stock 4×4, modified 4×4 or a fully customized 4×4 buggy. One driver and one spotter will traverse the course while trying to avoid hitting as many flags as possible. These flags will mark the boundaries of the course and test the skills of both driver and spotter. There are penalties for back ups and time is a factor this year with every 10 seconds adding time to the clock. The competitor with the lowest score wins! Event runs Saturday only!

Truck & Tractor Pull

Tractor pulling competitions first appeared in Quebec in 1970 at the St-Hyacinthe Agricultural Fair. Since then this genre of competition has become more and more popular and inclusive to more and more types of vehicles all the way to two wheel and four wheel drive trucks. It can be a thrilling event to watch, especially with some of the heavily modified tractors and trucks. Some tractors can have upwards of 6 of 8 high performance race engines screaming away as it passes by in front of the crowd. It’s a great event for all ages!

Website - Wheels A Churnin

General Information
This event runs rain or shine!
Canteens on site!
7313 Dixon Rd. Brockville Ontario, K6V 5T2

2015 Event Dates
Gates open: Fri at 12pm – 2am, Sat 7am-9pm, Sun 9am.

June 6th – 7th.
July 25th – 26th.
Sept 19th – 20th.






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